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Questions For PETG Clear Prints  

Questions For PETG Clear Prints

Hello There!

I am an architectural student who uses mainly 3d printers to make models.

I have been trying to print transparent pieces with 100 % infill and I am taking reference of 'how to print glass' article and I am getting some weird results.


First of all, Most of my prints don't require supports and some of piece has some height. (About 3 inches)

Currently using Overture Clear PETG. Temperature I am using currently is 235 ~240 with bed temperature being 80~85.

It will great if I can print very transparent parts but I am aiming for somewhat translucent prints and I am aware that there should be extensive post-processing after prints.

Here are some photos of the prints and I am having couple issues.

1. First couple layers seems to print fine but as the height gets taller, it gets foggy.

2. I am also getting rough vertical shells. It seems like as it gets higher, the print gets deformed. I am not sure this due to over heating or opposite.

Most of the prints come out deformed as it gets higher and also loses transparency.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Posted : 06/07/2023 8:14 pm
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RE: Questions For PETG Clear Prints

I have zero experience with clear filament.  There is a CNC kitchen video on clear printing where they did tests on different tests.  You may want to look at that.  I wonder if the thermal mass of the material becomes an issue as you get thicker causing the fogging.  As the print continues, there is more residual heat and the object doesn't cool enough.  It would be interesting to know if the foggy part is a gradual change.  I have had some issues where heat of the material was causing me issues.   One point he did make was moisture causing micro bubbles in the prints.  For clear, you may need to feed the filament from a dry box or dryer in your environment.

I am interested in your success because it is something I am looking at myself.

Posted : 14/07/2023 4:08 pm
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RE: Questions For PETG Clear Prints

First of all install a .6 nozzle then print test cubes until your first layer is so smooth you carnt feel the line then print at 99 percent infill not 100 and last of all print on super detail or go down to draft depends how long it needs to cool before each layer.

There are my tips do or don't use theme but that's what I found best.

Please help me out by downloading a model it's free and easy but really helps me out

Posted : 14/07/2023 8:26 pm
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RE: Questions For PETG Clear Prints

Okay, I've tried and tried and can never get really truly clear transparent prints.

This is an earring pendant, petg, but is really not window glass clear.

This is about as good as I can get, but not as good as some claim.

Posted : 15/07/2023 4:30 pm
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RE: Questions For PETG Clear Prints

I have read articles with pictures of people printing lenses with filament which is of interest to me for a couple of my projects.  I don't have enough experience with printing for that at this time.  I would have to search again but from memory, they all needed to squish and feed rates that left zero gaps which leads to over extrusion and lower step heights.  Even the CNC kitchen video/article states the same thing.   Very dry filament is required since any moisture causes bubbles and fogging.

Here is one old link.  3d printing transparent parts  NOTE: The link uses an old security certificate that has expired.  These are the settings used from the link.

In short, the basic settings using CURA are:
Layer Height:    0.05 mm
Infill Density:    100%
Infill overlap percentage:    6%
Flow:    108%
Print Speed:    24 mm/s
Enable Print Cooling:    OFF
Printing Temperature:    255 °C  (on the highest end of the recommended range, I was using prusa’s ABS)
Build Plate Temperature:    100 °C
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

On the site, there are images showing clear prints with foggy designs inside the prints. 

Custom Gcode to make test cubes with small changes to parameters may be needed to find the correct setting for your printer and filament.

Posted : 15/07/2023 6:37 pm