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Problem with first layer after breakdown  

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Problem with first layer after breakdown

Ever since I've got a new heat sensor for the extruder (after reporting an issue with the printer Prusa sent me one) the first leyer of the print is off.
The issue being that thethe extruder heated up to 400 C and the printer halted with a squeak. Before that happened the print and first leyer always was top notch, even on lenghty prints which is not the case now. Now on short/narrow prints are fine but longer/wider ones are not as smooth. 
I did total reset of EEPROM and reset everything again from the start but unfortunately that didn't change anything, and it's still as bad as it was.
I've tried couple dozens of diffrent settings and hights (some even recomnded by a Prusa emloyee) but nothing is coming even close to what it was before the malfunction accoured.
I have a new set up (on a block of concrete to reduce vibrations) and added a new filament handle to ease the frame from it. I even tighten the belt and everything else, and still nothing.
I'm out of ideas now, maybe someone has some suggestion please?
I'm attaching some pictures where the issue is highlighted - red being bad and yellow good.

Posted : 01/10/2022 6:53 pm
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Your first layer Z calibration is too low. 


Posted : 01/10/2022 10:25 pm