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Printing triceratops sample file with ASA  

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Printing triceratops sample file with ASA

Hello. I'm very new but my 7 year old son and I just finished assembling the kit and did a couple of successful prints! Had one issue with what seems like thermal creep, but other than that things are going well.

I searched and found some discussion that, to my surprise, says you can't override the .gcode file filament specification. If I understand correctly, the triceratops gcode is specified to use PLA temperatures for the extruder and bed. Preheating to ASA spec just gets reverted to PLA spec once printing is initiated. From what I gather, theres not really an 'editor' for gcode files, although they appear to be ascii and I see lines M140 S60 ; set bed temp and M104 S215 ; set extruder temp. Can I safely edit these to the appropriate temperatures for ASA or am I asking for trouble?

What's the most efficient path to print the triceratops if I want to use ASA? Editing gcode as described above? Is there a free repository somewhere that has the source 3MF files I may be able to tweak to work for my preferred filament type? Or do I just have find the triceratops geometry and build a 3MF file myself in Prusa Slicer?

It's of course not critical that I print this triceratops with ASA, but I'd like to better understand what can be done in this scenario. Thanks for any insights!

Posted : 22/05/2022 6:13 pm
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Printing temperature is not the only difference between filaments.  If you look in PrusaSlicer you will find well over a dozen different profiles just for different manufacturers' PLA - flow characteristics, cooling requirements, viscosity ... these all vary.

I have never printed most of the sample files but I know they are all optimised for the free filament that comes with the printer, they are there to get you started.

If you want a triceratops model to print there are several on - just search and choose one you like then you can slice it for whichever filament you prefer.


Posted : 22/05/2022 11:42 pm
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RE: Printing triceratops sample file with ASA

As @diem said, in almost all cases simply using search and replace to change the temperature is going to give you at best suboptimal, at worst disastrous results.

But the good news is, you can find 3mf file for the sample models here:

Posted : 23/05/2022 10:38 am