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Part printing improperly  

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Part printing improperly

I’m trying to figure out why a part is printing incorrectly.

The screenshots from Prusa Slicer show how the part is supposed to be shaped. There are at least a couple problems with the way it is printing. I've labeled them in the photo.

You can see a a crease, or you might call it a ripple or a ridge which is clearly not present in what the slicer shows or the CAD file. You can also see how the part is misshapen on the edge closest to the camera.

I printed this part, most recently as in the attached 3mf file. It was standing on one of its long edges, on a raft, with a brim, and I slowed down some of the printer movements to help keep inertial stresses of the bed moving along the Y axis from effecting the print or causing it to wobble or fall. I printed the part once before with different slicer settings and also got the same ripple and misshapen area.

Another thing, not so clearly visible in the photo is that the part is warped. It has a slight U shape, sagging downward under the lettering "crease or ripple in the photo.

As someone new to printing I haven't much clue as to what might be causing these issues. The first time I printed the part was without the same settings for raft and brim and the part was actually loose on the bed. The second time I printed it as in the attached 3mf file the warping may have been a little less but the ripple and misshapen profile although slightly different are still very much there.

Any ideas on what's going on here?



Posted : 07/09/2022 12:56 am
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Try neo´s idea.
I did, just to test the "approach"

Big support structure was a little bit wavy, and the part looks perfect 👍 

First time I printed a part this way, but definitely not the last 😀 


Prusa i3 MK3S+ FW 3.11.0 (kit dec -20), PrusaSlicer 2.5.0+win64, Fusion 360, Windows 10

Posted : 07/09/2022 3:24 am
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RE: Part printing improperly

Thanks so much for doing that! I guess I will have to give it a try.

Meanwhile, any idea what caused the problems fro me when I printed as in my 3mf?

Posted : 07/09/2022 3:28 am