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[Solved] Layer-Change for printing 2 different materials  

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Layer-Change for printing 2 different materials

Heyho Prusa-Community,

I'm trying to print POM currently and have a heavily problem with getting that stuff to stick at any underground. I tried already:

  • Blank steel sheet
  • Rough PEI
  • Smooth PEI
  • and also on smooth PEI:
    • Joint Tape
    • Joint Tape with (different) glues
    • Double sided adhesive tape
    • Sandpaper

Nothing had worked so far. Now I had the idea to use some wood-filament which is incredebly sticky to my smooth PEI and I want to try out if POM would stick to the wood-dust-particles. So I added 3 raft-layers below my POM-testblock (10x10x3mm³) and use the "color-layer-change" to change to a different material (wood -> POM) instead of just changing the color.
When I do this I'm confused how I can adjust the material, because when I try to change the Material-type in the green region, the brown layers change their color to that one I only want to have in the green region.


I already checked out the color-change page from Prusa, where is written, that you "should not use different materials, because low adhere between different materials", but that is exactly what I want to do.
So can I manage to print 2 different materials without manipulating the GCode manually by hand?

I also should mention that I don't use an MMU.

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,

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Posted : 19/02/2023 11:39 am
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RE: Layer-Change for printing 2 different materials

I don't know if what you want to do is a good idea or not, but one thing you may want to try is to use a fake MMU setup.

In Printer Settings→General, set the number of extruders to 2. 

In Printer Settings→Custom Gcode→Tool change Gcode, add

G0 X0 Y0

Now, if you want to use the raft and print it with a different extruder, go to Print Settings→Multiple Extruders and set the raft and raft interface extruder to 1 and the extruder for everything else to 2.

This way, you can assign different materials to each extruder, and the printer will prompt you for a filament change when needed. Please note that Prusaslicer will insert a M600 filament change at the very beginning of the print so it will unload any loaded material. Humor it, or edit the first M600 out of the GCODE file.



Posted : 19/02/2023 12:51 pm
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RE: Layer-Change for printing 2 different materials

Hi fuchsr,


it's just something I wanna try out. Maybe it carries out that it works well. But anyway, I got my PA Nylon sheet already, so I will try this first. If POM is also not sticky to that, then I come back to that idea, which is the last I have 😅.

But thank you for the hint. I will check it out. If you want I can reply with my experience, when I did my experiments (:.


Kind regards,

Posted : 24/02/2023 7:03 pm