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Issue with rough top infill edges on 0.6mm nozzle  

Mark Hähnel
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Issue with rough top infill edges on 0.6mm nozzle

Hello everyone!

I'm experiencing some issues with my 0.6mm Revo Six on my MK3S+. I'm printing a model and it gets some rough places on the edges of the top layers and on smaller top layer areas. 
An image of the result is in the attachments.

Printed it with the PLA and the stock 0.6 (0.30mm quality) Prusa Slicer profile for MK3S+.

Can someone explain to my what could cause this issues in this specific print? Because i benchy comes out totally fine.
And if looking from the bottom everything is fine too.

Best regards,

Top view which has the rough infill edges

Bottom which is fine

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Posted : 22/03/2023 1:14 pm