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First layer problems  

Rob Miller
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First layer problems

I am printing this in PETG on my Prusa i3 Mk3S+ but not sure how to troubleshoot this. Much of the first layer look okay but there are some  trouble areas where there’s a little stringing and the print doesn’t seem consistent throughout. Can you offer some thoughts on what might need to be adjusted? I also get black blobs occasionally, even when the rest of the print looks good. I just did a first layer calibration and it looked pretty good.

Posted : 12/05/2022 2:49 am
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Your first layer Z calibration may be a fraction too low - but for most jobs this will be fine.  If the stringing persists you filament may be damp.  The pictures show your print-sheet is in need of a thorough clean...


Posted : 12/05/2022 11:21 am
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