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First Layer Circles Failing to Connect  

First Layer Circles Failing to Connect

I've got an aesthetic print issue that I've been fighting for a while and I'm finally trying to resolve. First layer of this print requires a series of circular single wall perimeters inside the print. Common issue is that the rings do not fully join at the ends. I feel like the default retraction settings are leaving a gap in the nozzle while it's lifting and moving to the next ring. I've tried increasing the first layer and perimeter extrusion width and overlap to see if that helps with no luck. Just cleaned the plates again and did a Z adjust tab so don't think it's and adherence issue. Using the Prusa default Generic PLA profile. Only changes are to the default extrusion width, first layer, perimeters, external perimeters are all .55 mm. Set the Overlap to 30%. Any other ideas why these wouldn't be meeting?


Posted : 06/05/2023 5:05 am