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Z/X Calibration failures, Sensor Debris alerts  

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Z/X Calibration failures, Sensor Debris alerts

There is an issue with my calibration or setup on my MK3S+. It worked fine for over a year and then had errors out of nowhere. It seems like a problem with my Z axis, but potentially more than that. Maybe a sensor issue also?


- During the Z calibration it would keep clicking when it got to the top like it was trying to go higher up.

Error: Message clean the nozzle before continuing calibration.

- During the wizard setup, the extruder went to the very top and then moved to the left on the X axis . The back of the extruder physically bumped into the Spool holder (where the spool holder grips the bottom of the flat piece of metal it is attached to). I never print this high or use the wizard so that might have already been like that, I’m not sure.

Error: X calibration failed. (I can’t remember the exact error)

- I removed the spool holder and tried again.During the wizard, The nozzle calibration pushed down extra far to where it put a hole into the test sheet paper, so I turned off the machine.

Error: Bed leveling failed and to clean the sensor of debris.



- Redoing calibrations.

- Confirming the Z motors were parallel.- Removing the spool holder.

- Checking for any debris (none).

- I read that the wiring could be the problem. I had an E3D Revo Six that I planned on installing, so I installed that, thinking that if the wiring was the issue, it would get fixed in the process.

The new nozzle appears to work fine, but the extruder still has the same issues.

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Posted : 05/10/2022 6:53 pm