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Z Axis Noise and Other Y and Z Axis Issues  

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Z Axis Noise and Other Y and Z Axis Issues


I've run across a couple issues with my Prusa i3 MK3 kit that I assembled last month that I have been unable to successfully troubleshoot and Technical Support is painfully slow to respond, so I wanted to see if anyone in the community has any insight into the issues I've been running into.

Issue 1: The z-axis makes a super loud noise when moving. See video:

Troubleshooting steps taken without success:

  • Replaced the lead screw trapezoidal nuts. They now have little resistance against the lead screw. (Originally had an issue where one of the nuts was too tight and would cause the threaded rod to rotate when nut was manually threaded)

  • Removed the z-axis motors from the frame along with smooth rods and made sure to remount them, ensuring they were parallel to the sides of the frames.

  • Removed the LCD case from the frame to eliminate it as a source of the vibration noises. (See video: )

  • After running through some more calibrations today, I found that if I held the bed while the z-axis moves, the noise drops in volume by quite a bit, not sure where in the bed the vibrations could be coming from though... The noise seems to be the loudest when the z-axis is moving and the y-axis is all the way forward or back, much less noise when centered.
  • Issue 2: During Z Calibration (running just Z Calibration from the calibration menu) the nozzle dives into the bed during the process. However, this can be worked around by running the entire calibration wizard process, which allows the process to run successfully. However, I first have to manually make sure the x-axis is level since it becomes angled during these events (one side drops lower than the other).
    Troubleshooting steps taken without success:

  • Updated firmware, no change in behavior.

  • Ran PINDA through probe tests from: (results below). As suggested by tech support, I tried shaking the cable package coming from the back of the extruder assembly to ensure it wasn't a wiring issue. The probe seems to be reacting fine.

  • Re-checked PINDA probe height, all seems fine.
  • Re: the PINDA probe readings results mentioned above, everything seems fine unless I'm missing something (not unlikely):

    Num X,Y: 7,7
    Z search height: 5
    Measured points:
    0.17167 0.15372 0.13375 0.11176 0.08776 0.06174 0.03371
    0.16429 0.14520 0.12605 0.10683 0.08755 0.06821 0.04879
    0.15777 0.13932 0.12167 0.10483 0.08879 0.07356 0.05913
    0.15212 0.13607 0.12061 0.10574 0.09147 0.07780 0.06471
    0.14734 0.13545 0.12287 0.10958 0.09560 0.08092 0.06555
    0.14342 0.13746 0.12844 0.11634 0.10117 0.08294 0.06163
    0.14037 0.14211 0.13733 0.12602 0.10819 0.08383 0.05296

    Num X,Y: 7,7
    Z search height: 5
    Measured points:
    0.15712 0.12162 0.09301 0.07128 0.05645 0.04851 0.04745
    0.15233 0.12434 0.10066 0.08130 0.06626 0.05554 0.04913
    0.14938 0.12743 0.10787 0.09069 0.07590 0.06349 0.05346
    0.14827 0.13091 0.11463 0.09945 0.08535 0.07234 0.06042
    0.14900 0.13476 0.12095 0.10757 0.09462 0.08211 0.07003
    0.15158 0.13899 0.12681 0.11506 0.10372 0.09279 0.08228
    0.15599 0.14359 0.13224 0.12191 0.11263 0.10438 0.09718

    Num X,Y: 7,7
    Z search height: 5
    Measured points:
    0.17181 0.13391 0.10361 0.08092 0.06584 0.05836 0.05850
    0.16487 0.13359 0.10758 0.08684 0.07136 0.06114 0.05619
    0.15998 0.13431 0.11208 0.09330 0.07795 0.06604 0.05757
    0.15713 0.13606 0.11712 0.10030 0.08562 0.07307 0.06265
    0.15632 0.13883 0.12268 0.10786 0.09437 0.08223 0.07142
    0.15757 0.14264 0.12876 0.11595 0.10420 0.09351 0.08387
    0.16086 0.14747 0.13538 0.12459 0.11511 0.10692 0.10003

    Issue 3 : During the XYZ calibration where the X-axis is moving quickly back and forth in each of the homing spots, the y-axis begins to make a clacking sound like the bearing is hitting the y-axis smooth rod. See 3:10 of

    Things I've tried and some notes:

  • Removed heatbed, re-aligned bearings on heatbed, and ensured they were only tightened the small amount as described in the manual.

  • Tried resetting the smooth rod alignment

  • During the XYZ calibration where it starts to make the noise, if I put pressure on the bed, the noise stops. Not sure how to fix this.

  • With the XYZ calibration having changed in the newest firmware, this isn't as much of an issue, but I'm wondering if it's linked to Issue 1.
  • I have gone back through all of these steps after updating to the latest 3.2.0 MK3 firmware, still no improvements.

    If anyone has any tips or suggestions I would be super grateful! Thanks in advance!

    Posted : 18/05/2018 4:16 am
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    Re: Z Axis Noise and Other Y and Z Axis Issues

    For issue #1, have you checked that the Z-screw covers are not barely touching the motor? I had that and it was making a similar noise. All I had to do was move them up a tiny little bit to stop the occasional friction that was making the weird noise.

    Posted : 18/05/2018 8:46 am
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    Re: Z Axis Noise and Other Y and Z Axis Issues

    @gaston.d3 Thanks for the reply! 😀 I double checked the Z-screw covers, they seem fine. I moved them up a bit as suggested just to be sure and it did not make an improvement.

    Posted : 19/05/2018 2:01 am
    RE: Z Axis Noise and Other Y and Z Axis Issues

    I had noise on the Z-axis that I solved with the assistance of support. They politely requested that I swap the trapezoidal nuts and that solved the issue; however, I noted a crack in the nut itself which I am waiting for the replacement. There's no noise now and once I get the nut I'll install it.

    Stay safe and healthy, Phil

    Posted : 26/05/2024 2:30 pm