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Z axis calibration failing MK3S+ MMU2  

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Z axis calibration failing MK3S+ MMU2

I just upgraded my MK3S+ to have the MMU2 unit added and after the successful installation and print I went to do a large print (almost the whole build plate) and I noticed that the back left was messed up. There was a large hole in the first layer with excess filament around the sides. I thought I should recalibrate the Z-axis but now when I try, it lowers too far on the front middle and the back middle detection points. All other points work fine. I'm not sure how to fix this.

Posted : 22/09/2022 6:16 pm
RE: Z axis calibration failing MK3S+ MMU2

Are you sure your bed is flat?  

Chuck H
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Posted : 04/10/2022 10:26 am