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y crash error  

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y crash error

I'm kind of new at this still. The other day I started to have trouble with my prints. I've tried a few things that I have found on here and YouTube and still have a problem with my Y axis. It will not move free lee right now almost like it is jammed. When checking the movement it will only move -4.0 max one direction and +14.0 in the other. If I try to start a print the bed level test starts in the middle of the bed and goes to the back and then starts to grinding because  it cannot go any farther back. If someone has some suggestion on what might be wrong I would appreciate  the help. 

Ken Darr


Posted : 24/04/2020 1:47 pm
RE: y crash error

Hi Ken, 
I would start by Lubricating your smooth rods. 
If you can move the X and Y axis by hand, 
Smooth some of the Prusa Lithium Grease on the smooth rods, and move the carriage across the grease Rods then again smooth the grease on the smooth rods and try again. you should find that the gets smoother after a couple of  times. 
once the movements are smooth try running the printer again. 

if you can't move the X and Y axis by hand, try loosening the Ubolts and X axis backplate screws a little  and see if this gives improvement

also make sure that your motor pulleys are not catching on the mounting brackets. 

regards Joan

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Posted : 24/04/2020 1:55 pm