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Very hot Extruder stepper motor  

Primo Centurio
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Very hot Extruder stepper motor

Hey guys

i have a question. My extruder is very hot, i can touch it only for 2-4 Seconds. Is this normal? The printer standt in a enclosure but the doors are open because im printing with PLA.


thanks Primo

Posted : 08/07/2022 3:12 pm
RE: Very hot Extruder stepper motor

If you have it in enclosure it is isolated from air circulation, ( unless you have a circulation fan ) everything is hotter including bed, filament etc. Chose carefuly the situation when you really need to print in closed enclosure eg. printing from PLA in enclosure can end up with nozzle blobs.

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Posted : 13/07/2022 7:18 pm