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Ugly support scarring from under print. Need Help!!  

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Ugly support scarring from under print. Need Help!!

Posted : 08/02/2023 1:19 am
Extra Fox
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You might try messing around with the distance the support material is from the print. I've noted in recent version for PrusaSlicer they've gone to 2.0 from I think it previously was 1.5.

Another strategy might be to actually do that print at an angle. This is going to cost more material though and I'm betting this was a pretty lengthy print as it was.

Third option could just be to pull more of the material off, because it looks like you still have some attached, and then sand the buhjeezus out of it.


Posted : 08/02/2023 4:58 am
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Where did you get the model file?

This is the sort of awkward shape that I would slice in half horizontally, print cut side down and join together post printing.


Posted : 08/02/2023 4:59 am
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RE: Ugly support scarring from under print. Need Help!!

Thank you for your advice. This is the setting I was thinking was the problem. 


Posted : 08/02/2023 11:27 am