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Trouble printing TPU after MK3S+ upgrade  

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Trouble printing TPU after MK3S+ upgrade

I did the extruder part of the upgrade without obvious trouble recently, but now I can't print TPU successfully.

The prints run for a while smoothly, then there's the infamous extruder clicking.

The filament can be unloaded (no jam), re-loaded and printing re-started (for a while at least).

When I pull the filament out after unloading, there's always a little kink a couple inches up (call it 6 cm) from the end.

Historically, I have used the semiflex and generic flex profiles for the 95 hardness material (Sainsmart) without trouble.

The tension screw doesn't seem too tight, but that's not so easy to verify except by looking at the screw head protrusion.

I've seen some suggestion to clean the extruder teeth -- that's a good suggestion I haven't tried yet. The alignment of the gear to the hole looks fine.

Any suggestions?



Posted : 20/07/2021 12:58 am
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Try unscrewing the idler tension screw further

When I printed TPU on the MK3S+ I had to unscrew the idler tension screw almost all the way for the filament not to get stuck the way you described. I unscrewed all the way and then screwed back less than one turn just so it holds. That seemed to work for me.

Posted : 20/07/2021 2:47 pm