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Suggestion / feature request  

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Suggestion / feature request



that's my first post here, not sure if that's a correct place for it but I have a small suggestion. 

Often you want to change your temperature of bed & nozzle fast to 0. Why you cannot for example press the knob for longer to achieve that or double tap fast? It will make life easier and that's something you repeat often (at least I do) when you are switching filaments and you want to turn off your printer. 

Posted : 06/06/2022 12:10 pm
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RE: Suggestion / feature request

For one thing the long press is already assigned to a different function.

For feature requests relating to Prusa Slicer the place to make them is

For suggestions for changes to the Mk3 series of printers (which i assume you have as you are posting in the MK3 forum) then that is here

For changes to the mini firmware -   

Before opening a new request please search both open and closed issues with any likely keywords to see if the suggestion already exists.

Alternatively -
If you want the temp set to zero quickly just power cycle the printer or press the reset x button.  

Posted : 06/06/2022 1:04 pm
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RE: Suggestion / feature request

If changing filaments you want the printer hot not cold.

For shutdown, go into pre-heat in the settings menu and pick “cooldown” (last choice).

Posted : 06/06/2022 2:25 pm
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RE: Suggestion / feature request

After a print has finished, the nozzle will cool down, approaching room temperature.  You don't need to do anything else.  The mass of the nozzle and heat block is relatively small, so it should cool somewhat quickly.

As was stated, doing a quick reset on the machine will force the nozzle heater off.

I don't know of any quicker way to cool the nozzle, other than maybe hitting it with freeze spray or wiping it with a wet sponge or something.

Posted : 06/06/2022 2:38 pm