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Stringy prints when printing multiple objects at once  

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Stringy prints when printing multiple objects at once


I have had an mk3s+ for a couple of months, and it has worked perfectly. However, over the last couple of days, i have been printing multiple duplications of an object at once. In addition to this, I am using a textured bed with petg. I usually print with a smooth bed a pla. I have printed multiple objects in the past at once, but they were vastly different. Not one thing was duplicated.  I used live adjust z to ensure the bed was good, and I used all standard presets. I didn't change anything just added supports and made it .1mm. I am using  all prusement fillaments.Any insight on how to prevent this from happening would be great. Below is a picture of the problem, the phto with three objects. Their is also a photo of what the print should look like, this was taken printing in pla on a smooth bed sheet with all standard presets also .1mm and it was the only object on the bed sheet.





Posted : 04/12/2022 5:27 pm
Thomas Lynch
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RE: Stringy prints when printing multiple objects at once

Hi ,

The first question I have is why are you printing these things in a horizontal position? If you printed them vertically you would need way much less support material and the circular shafts would be perfectly round. Is your filament dry? has it been stored in a dry box?

Posted : 04/12/2022 8:17 pm
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RE: Stringy prints when printing multiple objects at once

There are lots of things that can cause stringing. It has nothing to do with the rough PEI sheet. Stringing can occur:

a) if your temp is too hot?  (what does the filament require?.. sometimes I lower to 220 for PETG)

b) your filament is wet (do you have a filament dryer?).. Are you in a humid environment? (over 60%). 

c) your filament got ruined by humidy.. maybe no bringing it back.. 

d) your nozzle is badly worn.. (you look to have a fairly new unit.. but maybe measure the extrusion diameter of some petg to see if it is about 0.4mm). I got bad stringing after about 8mo on brass nozzle and had to change. 

I can see that you might want to angle the shaft for strength.. If you angle it up about 45deg. you don't need that much support. You can actually paint on support, use the "SNUG" option (look in slicer) and see what happens. 

Printing one item at a time will reduce stringing when you have bad filament and don't want to throw it out.

I print with PETG all the time and it is generally easier for me than PLA (using the textured sheet). But it is sensitive to moisture so you need to keep it from absorbing water. 

Posted : 04/12/2022 11:09 pm