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SD cards with Wi-Fi  

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SD cards with Wi-Fi

The release notes for the new 3.10 firmware states this:

When the "FlashAir" mode is enabled (for SD cards with Wi-Fi) in the settings menu, a new menu button appears above the files and folders. It causes the menu to sort all items in the current directory again. This is useful when a file uploaded to the FlashAir card doesn't appear on the uppermost line - the user doesn't have to reset the printer or disconnect and reconnect the card.

So I wonder who is using such an sd card and if it's worth the money. Can you recommend a model (I read mixed reviews on amazon)? And can it be an OctoPrint replacement?

Posted : 21/03/2021 7:13 pm
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RE: SD cards with Wi-Fi

There a along thread about setting them up on a MK3

Its quite an old thread though.  Some like them, other don't and use octoprint.  Personally I have 2 of them.  One in my MK3 and the other in my Cr10S.  The ones I have are the original Toshiba flashair cards.  Don't buy a size above 32gb though.  

I have never had an issue with mine except for the limitation on what characters you can use for filenames.  Some of the special characters cant be used due to the fact they use Webdav. 

Octoprint is more flexible and can be set up to do much more.  However if all you want is the ability to drag files onto the card from your computer but still start the print off through the printer controls then they are great.  As far as the printer is concerned its just like printing from a normal SD card.  

Posted : 21/03/2021 8:19 pm
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RE: SD cards with Wi-Fi

Bad news, these cards have been discontinued, any remaining stock is going for stupid money and there is no good alternative that I know of, granted there are other SD wi-fi cards, but these have proprietary web interface pages that only handle specific file types so no good with G-Code.


You really need something which allows you to mount the card as a network attached storage device where you can write any type of file to it.


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Posted : 29/03/2021 5:34 pm
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RE: SD cards with Wi-Fi

My 1st FlashAir card died after about a year. My 2nd is still going, but I paid roughly the same for it as I would for a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint. It "works" but it's not great. I believe Toshiba has discontinued them. I've also tried the boards from BigTreeTech and FYSETC and they are ... interesting. Couldn't get either to function reliably.

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Posted : 29/03/2021 7:46 pm
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Johnathan Chamberlain
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RE: SD cards with Wi-Fi

Unfortunately that's not a WiFi SD Card; that's a WiFi Network Card in the shape of an SD Card for a very specific camera model:

Per the product listing:

SD card-shaped Wi-Fi* accessory** designed strictly for use with the EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R Digital SLR cameras***.

Posted : 13/12/2021 4:59 am
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