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Re-wiring thermistors  

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Re-wiring thermistors


I experience "MINTEMP BED error" several times yesterday. Every time the print is interupted.

I tested the wiring, with some advice of the chat-helpdesk and found there was a problem in the wires of the thermistor.

The breakage must be very slim or tiny because I have difficulties on reproducing the error and finding the actual break.

I ordered a new thermistor from prusa-shop, they are not expensive at all, ... but I do have some prints that are waiting to be made.

I wonder if it is possible to re-wire the thermistor: cut out a piece of the wire and re-solder it to the connector and to the thermistor-sensor.

Someone told me this could not be done .. but I wonder why.
The soldering-job itselve is simple. Is there a technical reason (resistance in the new wires??) why this should not be done?
I'm just curious.

Posted : 28/11/2022 8:58 pm