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Quick Fix Extruder Motor  

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Quick Fix Extruder Motor

Ok, my Extruder stopped on a 14 hour print. Checked it out and after removing it from the printer found the motor wouldn't turn. I checked the Prusa Shop, no motors available, I guess they are back ordered. So no printing for now. Yikees.... I'll go thru withdrawals.

Well, nothing to lose at this point so I get a pair of pliers and manually turn the shaft. Humm a bit tight, but it finally moved. Now constant turning it has a bit of a bind. So let's take it apart, after all it is broken. Not much to it, just 4 screws.

After taking it apart I found the bearing closest to the bondtech gear was a bit loose and had a slight wobble, making the armature touch the stator windings inside the other part of the motor. OK well the other bearing looks fine so i just switched them since the rear bearing doesn't have any pressure on it. Put it back togeather a tiny bit of oil on those bearings. Re-assembled the extruder and back on my MK3S+/MMU2S and presto we are good to go.

BTW: Since I'm not sure how long this fix will work and it's going on 3 years old, I did order the BondTech MK3 UpGrade.

Posted : 21/08/2022 3:38 pm