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Prusa M3S irrgular layer quality problem  

Prusa M3S irrgular layer quality problem


I just recently bought a used Prusa MK3S form "Kleinanzeigen" my very first printer was the Ender 3 Pro.


I bought a new hotend; The original E3D Hotend and also a new thermistor.

As everything was assembled, I've done the normal calibration process (XYZ), (Pinda) and also PID and more..

My very first print was the benchy, it looked relatively good.

But then I started my first "big print" a box for a flight sim trim wheel.

5hours, 3perimeters and 0,3 layer height with a 0,4mm nozzle and sunlu PLA with 210Degrees celsius.

After two ours the problem started; some layers started to be uneven,

some layers were thicker than the rest on the inside and outside.

I immediately stopped the print and started a new calibration process and checked all important screws, the extruder (gears), the rods and the bearings everything looked fine and there were no problems with axis or screws.

I started the print again with another filament (PLA) from Filamentum

The same problem appeard  but i also saw that these uneven layers were not tied to specific z heights, they occur almost randomly, but are a bit limited to the last layers.

Whats the problem? 

I really have no Idea...

Posted : 09/02/2024 4:50 pm