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Prusa G-code question  

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Prusa G-code question

Hello, I've been looking into some Gcode specifics lately and had a question:

In the linked document, codes G2 and G3 specify an arc movement that is different than the normal G0 and G1 movement codes. The Prusa firmware is listed as supporting the G2 and G3 codes, but after trying to slice a few different models and step through the Gcode to see if I could find examples, I still have yet to see any STL files be converted with G2 and G3 codes.

Even for models that have circle and arc specific geometry, it always seems that the Gcode from the Prusa slicer is converted into normal G0 and G1 movement codes for even the most circular of objects. There is a note that states "Prusa Firmware implements arcs only in Cartesian XY." in the Gcode wiki (second link above) so I am wondering if while using the Prusa slicer, these G2 and G3 commands while supported, won't ever show up because of of how the Prusa slicer seems to plot arc and circular like movement.

Thanks for your help!

Posted : 17/03/2023 12:38 am
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Thats correct.  The released versions of Prusa Slicer do not support/use the G2/3 arc codes.  Thats why people use arc welder as a post processor if they want them.



Posted : 17/03/2023 7:00 am