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Printing gaps on random layers - what can be wrong?  

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Printing gaps on random layers - what can be wrong?

Hi everyone,

my printer is recently having some issues. In the middle of the print it sometimes loses connection and prints in the air or stops extruding at all and only moves around in the air.

I replaced the bond gear and tried different filament, but did not get any good solution.

In the picture below you can see kind of some missed lines at the bottom, this is what happens every now and then. But it printed quite a lot (2h30 until it lost connection and printed only in then air)


I tried another item which came out horribly, although the first layer was fine.

Any idea what I can fix? I played with temperature up to 80/230 PLA, but nothing solved it so far...

I was able to print without issues in the past, but now I really have no idea how to move forward.


advice is pretty much appreciated. 



Posted : 01/12/2019 8:11 pm