Printer hit at least 450 degrees, maybe 500 – what should I replace?
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Printer hit at least 450 degrees, maybe 500 – what should I replace?  

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Printer hit at least 450 degrees, maybe 500 – what should I replace?

Hey, I have been changing the nozzle out a bunch over the past few years – I was about to do another nozzle change, preheated the nozzle for the change while sorting out the tools, when I paid attention to the temp again it was at around 220 but struggle to get hotter. Some smoke started to come out and the heatblock bottom turned black.

I got a bit concerned and pressed the X button, and immediately the printer made a horrible noise, some kind of max temp warning came up and the temp displayed was 455.

I left the printer on so the fans could cool it, had a poke around and it looks like the red cables into the heatblock were slightly exposed at the end and touching a bit. I fiddled about and reheated too 250 – and the temp readout was correct

Regardless, I am going to buy a new hotend because I am not confident in the temp sensor / readout, but what I am really asking here is – what other parts might have been damaged by this temp that I might want to replace? any electronics that i might not be considering?

The printed parts (which I have actually replaced with orange PETG over time from the standard black) are now white but not physitcally distorted, but I can’t print replacements right now so was planning to re-print with the new hotend.

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Posted : 29/08/2021 12:39 pm
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As the printer is working correctly after fiddling about it seems you are lucky and haven't damaged the board.

If it has been that hot I guess the fan shroud is damaged too. So if you are going to order a hotend from Prusa I would order 1 or 2 fan shrouds too. That way you won't have to print them your self in ABS or ASA.

Posted : 29/08/2021 7:17 pm