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Print quality issue - Small spots on curved surfaces  

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RE: Print quality issue - Small spots on curved surfaces

Very interesting discussion.

I am facing the same defects.


@epic-space-models can you give an update on if and how you were able to improve the surface quality and get rid of the deficts.


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Posted : 26/06/2021 8:18 am
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RE: Print quality issue - Small spots on curved surfaces


Recently built a Mini+, even with the included benchy file, experiencing the same thing as shown in OP's images

any solutions to this?

Posted : 24/04/2022 7:58 am
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Silk contains a bit of elastic component which causes this flexible shrinking as soon as it cools down - so you have to decrease retraction as much as you can. Otherwise I guess what is happening is you retract it back to the cooler parts (heatbreak) and retract herself even more - while sucking air wherever it can. Than spit that air back later on somewhere when you don't expect it - hence causing a tiny underextrusion miles away.

So you need to stop wiping, Z hop, decrease the retraction as much as you can, as slow as you can, then push a little back during de-retract. Tighten the extruder idler a bit. Minimum travel after retraction looks good on paper to decrease the small travel retractions, but increasing it on a tiny model (such as the benchy) could cause most of the retractions turned off - which isn't a good idea (I've learned it around 5th or 6th benchy when I dig deep...)

A capricorn ptfe bowden (and a dual gear extractor) doesn't hurt to make that tiny retraction work...

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Posted : 25/04/2022 5:18 pm
RE: Print quality issue - Small spots on curved surfaces

FYI, I'm almost certain it's moisture.  I bought eSun Matte Filament and I guess it's super sensitive to moisure as I left it out for maybe a few weeks on my 3D printer and recently it has similar symptoms. It's not quite air bubbles but you can see the filament "dip" randomly'

Before with symptoms similar to post

I had a filament dryer at the time but I was too lazy to unload the filament so I just put it around the spool, leaving about ~1m of filament from the spool to the PTFE tube to the printer head which was not dried.

I printed this model and noticed a drastic change in quality halfway through, I assume the bottom half was the undried and the top half was the dried filament. Quite drastic, especially only leaving the filament out for a few weeks. I guess it heavily depends on the filament you buy.

Posted : 27/09/2023 12:42 pm
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