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print failure  

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print failure

I recently purchased a mk3s prusa printer. I went through the first filament spool with no issues, but after using a new spool (pla pearl mouse1.75+-0.018) I was able to complete only one printing.

After that, the printer stopped extruding. I thought it was a clog so I made the cold pull, with success (image 1) . when I tried to load the filament again, it wont autoload, and i can only do it manually, pushing the filament.
I have tried also to clean the nozzle with the needle, to no avail.

In the photos, you can also see the look of filament after taking it out.

There are problems with the first layer printing (image 2).

the third image is the result of an attempt to print a square.

Please, i am at a loss, could you help me?



Posted : 26/05/2020 11:50 am