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Power Problems after hotend heating change.  

Power Problems after hotend heating change.


I printer i use with other people resently had a blob situation and then the cable of the heating element broke. So i ordered 24v heating elements and yesturday i exchanged it. When i turned it on it got hot VERY fast. Something like 20 to 90 in about 4 sec. The thermostat seems to be working just fine. I tried to do a calibration but it failed with thermal anomaly before it could even start. Now i soudenly doesnt heat anymore. I measured the resistans of the heater and its 4Ohm, which is too low. I checked the others that i have ordered and they all have this resistance. This would mean that 6A and not 1.8A flow through the heating tube. When i go to support->voltages it says PWR 0 Bed 24. I can move the motors in all axies but when i try to heat up the hotend there is no current. 

I think the heater might be fallsly labled and maybe i fried a commponent. Does anyone have any idea what i should look into and what the probmlem might be?

Thank you all!!

Posted : 07/12/2023 9:53 am
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as you can see from the chart above, a 12 volt 40 watt heater has a characteristic resistance of around 3.6ohms. so You may have been supplied with 12 volt heaters which will try to heat incredibly fast in a 24 volt printer.  (160 watts instead of the expected 40 watts)
this may blow a fuse, or in a bad case, damage the FET which controls the heater. 

I Would start by checking your fuses, 
there are three fuses on the Einsy board, and one fuse in the power input socket. on the power supply, in the UK there will be another fuse in the plug on the power lead,  there may also be fuses in power extensions, and the mains supply system. but these should be less likely to break. 

regards Joan
Regards Joan


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Posted : 07/12/2023 10:10 am