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PINDA probe - inconsistent readings  

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PINDA probe - inconsistent readings

I was logging the probe values to troubleshoot first layer issues and noticed that it was fairly inconsistent. I did the nylock mod to try and level the bed as much as possible which was successful. However I have noticed the first layer has been inconsistent from print to print. On some the Z offset is perfect and on others it is too close to the bed. What I did just now was to run the prusa leveling guide through octoprint from just turning the printer on.  

I ran the calibration 7 times without adjusting any screws. My bed variance went from .063 to .011 on its own, that would seem to explain why I am seeing inconsistent first layers. The probe seems to be secured tightly. 

Does this mean I need to preheat the bed for awhile before kicking off a print? Is anyone else having to do so?

Thanks for your insights!



Posted : 12/07/2020 2:48 am
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RE: PINDA probe - inconsistent readings

Hi Mauricio, 

I would be more inclined to monitor the Pinda Temperature

Pinda Probe sensitivity changes with temperature, 
On the Mk3 Prusa have endeavoured to address this with a thermistor in the probe, and firmware on the einsy. 

but there is no guarantee they have got it sorted in all instances. 
regards Joan

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Posted : 12/07/2020 12:21 pm