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Parts always warping on PC sheet  

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Parts always warping on PC sheet

Hi all. Tl;dr, every part I try to print warps and eventually pulls off my powder coated bed. I made a thread about this maybe half a year ago, and was told "it gets better over time, put a brim on your parts!". This is never an issue with my PEI sheets.

So for the past 20 hours of printing I've used a brim on every part I printed. And I've kept trying to not use one, but every time, the parts start warping after 5-6 layers.

I've recently done more research, and found that most people have great success with the PC sheet, and can print brim free out of the box. And obviously, Prusa themselves aren't cleaning brims off of all their printer parts.

My setup:

  • Prusa MK3s
  • Prusament PETG and PLA filament
  • Prusament PETG and PLA default settings in prsuaSlic3r
  • Both 0.4 and 0.6 stock nozzles.
  • Ikea lack enclosure, internal ambient temp ~40c.

I am diligently wiping the sheet with 99.9% anhydrous isopropyl alcohol between each print. I also tried scrubbing with dish soap and water, which had no effect.

Example parts, none of which stick to the bed without brims.

I'm really starting to think that there's something up with my sheet. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Posted : 17/04/2020 10:46 pm