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No e3d display showing on Einsy Rambo 1.2e  

Rike S
New Member
No e3d display showing on Einsy Rambo 1.2e

Took me a while to understand how to do this. Since the Einsy board wasn't responding. I used Arduino Nano as ISP programmer for bootloader and Prusa MK3S firmware on the Mega chip, also loaded bootloader for m32u2 usb chip. But still no display. Seems to be power problem, led lights come on without display connected but plugging in display no power lights. As an experiment, I used 5v instead from Arduino Nano to power the Einsy on the J19 header, the display works and the Einsy is responding. There is 5v volts on the board using the 12v PS after pressing board reset but plugging in the display there is no 5v. So something is shutting down the 5v VCC,  the AP63357 regulator's reset can do this. I'll have to check this voltage.


Posted : 04/02/2023 8:02 pm