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Multiple printers underextruding, same way, same day  

Multiple printers underextruding, same way, same day

I help out with a college's 3d print farm using mostly Prusa mk3s+.  a week ago 8 of our 17 printers started underextruding for seemingly no reason. 

Things I've checked:

The nozzle is not clogged
The hotend is clean
The extruder motor is moving and not skipping
The idler screw is not over- or under-tightened
The filament is brand new (3dfuel snow white pla 4kg spool)
The thermal cart and thermistor are functioning correctly
The extruder gears are clean
Cold pulls have been clean and have fixed nothing.

When lightly holding the filament while loading, it feels like it is coming in contact with something and causing skipping.
They are using Dragon hotends and 0.4mm  hardened steel nozzles
Firmware is 3.13.3

If anybody has any recommendations or solutions please I am losing my mind over this

Posted : 15/04/2024 9:45 pm
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RE: Multiple printers underextruding, same way, same day

The only thing I don't see is a disassembly and physical inspection of the teflon tubes in the extruders.


They might wear out in similar time frames.

Posted : 22/04/2024 11:15 pm