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MK3s+ Newbie Hot End and Bed Temp Fluctuation  

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MK3s+ Newbie Hot End and Bed Temp Fluctuation


Just got my new MK3s+ Tuesday ordered it assembled to make sure it was going to get home fully functional, and that It would print right out of the box.

Everything about this printer is fantastic, I'm just wondering if this fluctuation in temperature is normal, not that it's a big variation but still. I 'm relatively new to 3D printing, started a year ago with a CR-6 MAX spending much more time trying to get the bed leveling kind of ok, and get a decent print. Fact is that I never experienced a fluctuation like this with the CR-6 MAX.

Just been with it a few days, and I'm more than happy with my choice more or less 12/15 print done and finally after a year of struggling with the CR-6 MAX, I can send a print thru Octoprint, close my eyes for the time of the print, and pick it up at the end flawless. God I like this...

and Thanks to anyone who gives me a hint on my temp thing

Posted : 01/10/2022 2:27 am
Eric E
RE: MK3s+ Newbie Hot End and Bed Temp Fluctuation

The temperature wobble is no biggie. No worries. Mine does the same. Might just be the temperature is rock solid, and the affordable thermistor is wobbly. 

Octoprint is awesome. Even more awesome if you can get a camera!

Send a print, then close eyes, might not be your friend. Always watch the first few layers.  Trust me on that. Then, you can close your eyes. 

Don’t trust forum advice.

Posted : 01/10/2022 7:20 am
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RE: MK3s+ Newbie Hot End and Bed Temp Fluctuation

Thanks Eric, well I forgot to mention, I was doing PLA at first and I'm quite impressed with how good the Super Pinda is, compared to the CR-6 strain gage Bed leveling issues I've had with this CR-6 MAX printer. No hassle starting a print, going by itself without any Live Z adjust, can't wait to get my XL now.

I of course never let the first layer go y itself, a Logitech C920 is always pointing at it. The point for me is that it's much easier to print with this MK3s than it was from the beginning on the CR-6 MAX.

Thanks again for your quick answer,



Posted : 02/10/2022 6:16 pm