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MK3 (non-S or +) to 3.5  

MK3 (non-S or +) to 3.5

Hi all, I have an MK3, and wanted to upgrade to the MK3.5.  I bought the upgrade to the S back in 2019, but never got around to installing it (but I have the parts sitting here in front of me). 


Can I go straight from the MK3 to MK3.5, or would I have to install the S upgrade first?  My first thought is I do not because there are very few changes, but I wanted to be sure before I start and get confused, and it is not 100% clear on the store page.



Posted : 01/03/2024 8:38 pm
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RE: MK3 (non-S or +) to 3.5

You do need the S + upgrade. I believe once you have done that upgrade the extruded is not further upgraded in the 3.5

i3 Mk3 [aug 2018] upgrade>>> i3MK3/S+[Dec 2023]

Posted : 02/03/2024 10:50 am