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MaxTemp problem  

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MaxTemp problem

I had a print a little while back come off the bed and stuck to the extruder.  It was not the ball of goo, but it still covered the nozzle and area around it.  I heated up the hot end and was able to scrape off most of it.  Prints worked fine after that, albeit a little smell from the filament burning off.  I have run about 7-8 prints since.  Then, about 15 minutes into a print, I had the alarm and maxtemp.  I shut down and was able to run about 4 prints the next day.  I had it happen again today at the same time.

So, my first thought is to replace the thermistor.   Should I look at other replacements with what happened with the stuck print?

Posted : 03/06/2023 5:10 pm