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Log print progress externally (no Prusa-/OctoPrint)  

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Log print progress externally (no Prusa-/OctoPrint)

Hey everyone,

I've tried to look around through the Forums to find something similar but I couldn't really find it.

I am working in some kind of workshop at my University, and we're streaming the printers and lasercutter on Twitch. I thought it would be funny to also put in some kind of progress bar where students could see how long their print has left before they come and pick it up.

We have access to a bunch of electronics and soldering stations, so specifically modding an arduino or raspberry for the job is not an issue, but I am thinking that setting up a whole Octo/PrusaPi for the job is excessive (and due to Universaty WiFi Network Restrictions, not really possible to set up a localhost thing).

My idea is basically to get an Arduino to take whatever the Prusa says is the progress of a print (or more info, while we're at it), and somehow forward that to the PC that's taking on the streaming, which is another question to tackle but we'll cross that bridge once we get there!

So, TL;DR, can I take progress info directly from the Prusa, and forward it to a PC, without setting up Octo/Prusaprint?

Looking forward to your thoughts!
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Posted : 30/11/2021 11:19 am
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It might be worth waiting for PrusaLink and PrusaConnect, they will presumably have an API that you might usurp.

In the meanwhile you will find the data sources and the means to access them here:

But right now Octoprint on a Pi looks easiest, if all your kit is in fixed positions then a dedicated wired lan with a private bridge to your streaming server would be straightforward.

OR  Point your streaming cams at the front of the printers *including* the LCD status screens.


Posted : 30/11/2021 1:42 pm