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Layer shifting - desperate 🙁  

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Layer shifting - desperate 🙁

Hey, getting desperate here 🙁

- Bought a kit and assembled it myself. Calibration was OK.

- Started printing and the first prints were flawless.

- Then suddenly I started getting layer shifting on the x-axis and cannot think of a reason, haven't changed anything.

- Followed all troubleshooting guides out there (screw tightening, belt adjustment, greasing the bearings, etc) and got to the point of having normal prints again.

- Today I finished printing a larger object (PLA) and got not 1 (as before), but 2 shifts.

Any help will be very much appreciated, running out of ideas. Could it be related to the object size? Or mini power surges?

Attached are a few pics.


Posted : 29/09/2020 1:06 pm