Lack of ahdesion and warping on one side of the build plate
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Lack of ahdesion and warping on one side of the build plate  

Lack of ahdesion and warping on one side of the build plate

I have significant lack of adhesion on one side of the build plate. Attached photo shows 6x 1-inch hex bases - bases on the left were printed on the "good" side and stack perfectly, the bases on the right were printed on the "bad" side of the MK3S. Both where printed using identical PLA and settings, models were simply shifted around build plate within Prusa slicer. For smaller models I simply print them on the good side of the plate, but anything larger or multiple small models will fail on the "bad" side (right side when facing printer).

Following steps were taken so far:
- build plate washed with a scentless soap and warm water
- build plate cleaned with 90+ IPA between prints
- tested different plate temperature (60C-80C)
- tested different PLA extruder temps (205-220)
- tested different PLA brands
- adjusted filament flow rate (.90 to 1)
- recalibrated first layer - I get a nice bead across the entire plate
- reset printer and ran configuration wizard
- adjusted PINDA height
- no AC vent or airflow over one side of the printer
- tried to switch between 9 point and 16 (or is it 25?) bed height calibration points before printing.
- I flipped the build plate to the other side - the same PRINTER side is still lacking adhesion AND warping prints
- my fan is at 100% at all times for PLA
- tested build plate temperatures with temp-gun. There seems to be very little variations across plate.

Could it be that my Z servos are somehow out of sync or one is faulty? I did full factory reset and Wizard setup without any change in results. Left side prints flawlessly, right side of the plate fail miserably - see attached photo.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Posted : 27/05/2023 3:00 am