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issue with print popping off  

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issue with print popping off


Need little help. I have been trying to print this - for my son and everytime it gets to the tail (almost same layer height) it will pop off.

Live z adjusted many times 1st layer is going down fine.

I had same problem with Wall E from Fab365 where same area would popup about same layer height and just finally gave up with it.

Revo 6 nozzle and starting to think this could be the problem?

Can print the above on my mini just fine without issue.

See video -

Any ideas?

Thank you

Posted : 04/08/2022 3:56 pm
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From your video, it looks like one piece broke away from the build plate.

Can we assume that you know how to make sure that your build plate is Really Most Sincerely Clean?  That way we eliminate any 'clean your plate and clean it my way' admonitions.  😉

Can we also assume that you are using the correct profile for that particular filament?

If this were mine, I would use something like Layerneer as an adhesion booster.  Glue stick will work as well, and some use things such as hairspray or diluted Elmer's glue.

I would also inspect things (more closely than the video shows) to be sure you don't have one or more blobs on that particular piece which will cause the print head to bang into them and jar that piece loose.

Posted : 04/08/2022 4:19 pm