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Is a shorted power panic switch causing my problems?  

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Is a shorted power panic switch causing my problems?

I woke up today to thermal runaway failure. After that i was unable to complete a preheat cycle. Ive got in spec resistance on both thermistors and the hotend and bed. After talking with support they figure it was a bad psu and will be sending one out.

It didnt feel right so I tried the mk3 psu on my ender 3 and it seems to be functioning fine. After more research it seems people have had problems with the power panic system. I did try unplugging that but same issues.

I checked the resistance and its reading 7 ohms powered off and what I think is a short while powered up. All I have on hand is an old analog multimeter but when i connect the leads the needle bounces to the left.

Any ideas?


Posted : 21/12/2019 6:41 am