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How to prevent oozing before and during bed leveling?  

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How to prevent oozing before and during bed leveling?

Printer: MK3S+ MMU2

I'm not so skilled with gcode, so I will humbly have to ask for help here. I looked over the internet, found various "solutions", but there was so much variety and my lack of understanding for those commands confused me even more.
In principle I'd like to keep the nozzle somewhere at 150C until it finished bed levelling procedure. But there is a bit more to it:

1. heat nozzle until 150C and keep it there
2. do bed levelilng
3. start heating until reaching nominal temp, while the head retreats home
4. once reached home, lift nozzle about 1-2cm and regardless if temp reached nominal or not, pause for few seconds (so I can make sure the nozzle has no blobs on it, and give it a quick wipe, or remove whatever is there with a tweezer)
6. do a longer purge line, as currently is only about 5cm... i'd like to have it at least twice as long.
7. commence with printing

I have no idea how easy or difficult this would be, but I'm hoping some generous prusa user will be willing to give a helping hand.

Also, if I'm overcomplicating myself, and there is a much easier solution, please educate me.

Posted : 05/11/2023 7:51 pm