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Hotend issues  

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Hotend issues


I just received my printer last month. Building it was very rewarding and I feel comfortable troubleshooting if I need too. From day one I had some random issues with filament getting stuck on the nozzle and would just clean it off. But as I started to do longer printers 12-24 hours it would cause a crash but resumeable after a cleaning. I mentioned this to a friend and he said his heat block and nozzle do not look like mine. So I started to look through the support site, and determined there is something wrong with the Hotend, most likely the heat break. I am looking at next steps, to try and fix this. See attached picture, there is filament oozing out between the heat block and the heat sink. My friend mentioned to maybe heat it up and peel it off to clean everything but that wont solve the issue of the filament (no blockage that we found) to be causing it. 


Posted : 01/06/2020 9:41 pm