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Horrible Print Speed Issue?  

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Horrible Print Speed Issue?


So, I've gotten my MK3 kit's belts at a good tension level and gotten the first layer calibrated well enough (very minor areas of the bed being a bit too close, but nothing drastic. If I lower the bed, then other areas then become too far away and I get gaps in my layer lines.) I have also calibrated my extrusion multiplier for both the bundled Prusa filament and the blue 3D Solutech roll of PLA I'm currently using.

I am now trying to print a large part that I designed to further test my printer, and printing at 200mm/s seems impossible. My first layer goes down great at the lower speed, but once I get past the first layer and we go up to 100mm/s+ I get horrible underextrusion. I have it printing again now, and I have lowered the infill speed to 100mm/s and it's still happening! What is going on here??? I have checked my Bondtech gears and the filament is like, perfectly in the middle of them. The grub screw is right on the flat part of the motor nicely. I hear a click in the extruder seldomly as if it's skipping, but I see underextrusion at higher speeds when it's not clicking too! This issue has occurred with BOTH the Prusa filament and the Solutech.

I contacted their support chat for one of my previous issues and the dude literally told me his shift was ending, so he switched my chat to another tech. That tech never responded to me, I even said, "Hello?" My experience with this printer is really starting to disappoint the hell out of me.

Info regarding print settings:
3D Solutech PLA at 215/60 first layer and 205/60 thereafter (210C seemed a bit too hot for this filament)
Normal 0.2mm print settings in Slic3r PE with extrusion multiplier set at 1.02 for this filament.
100mm/s infill speeds, 15% infill (rectilinear.)
Every other setting is stock.
X Belt: 250 Y belt: 268

Posted : 07/04/2018 11:13 pm
Peter L
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Re: Horrible Print Speed Issue?

I'd try turning up the extrusion temperature a few degrees. Fast extrusion requires slightly hotter temperatures because the filament doesn't have enough time to soften.

Posted : 08/04/2018 2:29 am