Have I overdone it? MK3s+ w/Bondtech LGX extruder, Mosquito Magnum, 50w heater, 500C sensor
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Have I overdone it? MK3s+ w/Bondtech LGX extruder, Mosquito Magnum, 50w heater, 500C sensor  

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Have I overdone it? MK3s+ w/Bondtech LGX extruder, Mosquito Magnum, 50w heater, 500C sensor

I decided to go all in on a new hotend. Wanted to print faster bigger and better 🙂 When I look into the support, firmware steps and possible limitations of the PSU, I'm not so sure if it'll work at all 😮

My shopping list
- Bondtech LGX upgrade package for the MK3S (not mentioning MK3S+ support on bondtech page, but support said it should work).
- Mosquito Magnum Hotend
- Mosquito 24V 50W Heater
- PT1000 RTD 500C sensor (only supported on the Duet3 they say on the Bondtech page)

I put the i3 together from the kit, so I should be able to mount it all, but I am questioning the firmware, temperature and amperage side of things. Perhaps some of you can give me some guidance? I'm on standard Prusa firmware 3.10.0-4481.

Firmware question
It seems that I should get a a bit of the way with the 3.10 firmware and 450C sensor on this bondtech page. However, this one does not support the 500C PT1000 RTD sensor.
- Is it possible to edit the Firmware to support this? I saw someone mentioning adding it manually, but I cant fint a Temp table on the bondtech site. However, I found one from the producer and a post mentioning editing the FW for sensor support:
Possible FW alteration
Possible temp table?

Temp and Amp limit question
The 50W hotend should work I guess, but there might be a challenge with using that 50Watt hotend and high temperatures. The reason why I wanted this is that the extruder upgrade it self should support high really temps and it would be cool to have the option of printing things like PEEK, PPSU etc.

The MK3S+ has a 24V 240 Watt PSU. As "Watt = AMP x Volt", this means the PSU could support 10 Amps (240w/24V = 10 amp)?
- Is it possible to raise the Prusa heat limitations? It seems like it's set at around 305 for Hotend and 125 for bed temp. Is it possible to set it to, let's say 400 degrees in the firmware? My gear should handle it I think.
- Would I hit a limit on the watt/amp usage when throttling up the temp beyond the limit, OR by simply using the 50Watt heater?

Posted : 14/10/2021 7:46 pm
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Topic starter answered:
Temp limit probably solved

I think my worries for the Thermistor are unfounded. I stumbled upon another Prusa user modifying the FW to support temps above 300 with his PT1000 sensor. Here's the link.

Posted : 14/10/2021 8:29 pm
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Your life would be easier if you simply decided for Mosquito 450C temperature sensor. In this case you could just install firmware provided by Bondtech. Now you'll probably need to modify firmware by yourself. There are quite some parameters that needed to be changed and it can be frustrating if you never done similar before (just saying). I would recommend, you still get firmware source from Bondtech (where all extruder stuff is already set correctly), so you only need to fiddle with temperature related stuff.
As for 40W vs 50W, I see no problem -of course you need to make PID calibration.

Just sharing my thoughts...

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Posted : 14/10/2021 8:30 pm
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Topic starter answered:
FW modifications not ideal

Yes, you are correct. I'm looking into the Bondtech github page for instructions on modifications of the Firmware now. It's not super simple, but I'm an IT guy, so I have hopes of making it on my own 😀

The reason I did not go for the 450C thermistor was that it was an expiring product. It's no longer sold on the Bondtech page. So, I thought it might be more future proof to go for the new type. I'll get back with the result later. Perhaps more need the actual code or Firmware in the future.

Posted : 15/10/2021 8:08 am
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RE: Have I overdone it? MK3s+ w/Bondtech LGX extruder, Mosquito Magnum, 50w heater, 500C sensor

I just install the Bondtech LGX extruder, Mosquito Magnum and I can't even print a test cube . I install 

The FW3101-Build5214-Bondtech-MK3S-16-EINSy10a-LGX-Mosquito and erased all data even I uninstall Slicer and install a fresh copy

still can print. Any tips PLEASE or dose anyone have a profile that I can use to see what I need to do?  Thank you

Posted : 18/04/2022 3:05 pm