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Gummy looking overhangs and odd infill appearance  

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Gummy looking overhangs and odd infill appearance


I've been struggling to understand why the overhangs in this piece are so oddly textured, whereas the bottom parts are smoother. Also, the top infill has strange, almost band aid-like patches. I'm using the default settings for Generic PLA in Prusaslicer with a .3 layer height, perimeter of 5 and infill of 20%.  There were some parts with burns and small globs, but that was fixed after and still didn't change the problems with the overall aesthetics, when I printed similar parts.


The link to my .3mf file is:



Here you can see the mangled looking overhangs

Here  you can see the patchy top layer of infill. 

Ideally, I would like the seamless, smooth appearance you see on the sides of this part.



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Posted : 27/11/2021 11:28 pm