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G-Code Flavor

Had a print fail using Prusa Slicr 2.3.0

Printed about 2mm in Z and then moved over to X,Y, Zero and crashed there. It gave me the choice to continue the print, which I did. But then it quit extruding filament.

I removed the filament, then re-inserted it and ran a part I've run before and had no problem. Took a look at Printer Settings and saw a selection for G-Code flavor. It was set to Marlin, but it said the default was RepRap/Sprinter. Should I change it to that? 

Can these be related? What G-Code flavor should I be choosing?

Posted : 09/08/2021 5:59 am
Jeff K
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RE: G-Code Flavor

Did you ever get a response to this?

Posted : 23/05/2022 11:39 pm
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RE: G-Code Flavor

My Slicer runs 'Marlin Legacy' for the G code flavour which is Prusa's default value  (Prusa slicer is based on the original 'Slic3r' heritage, and the comments windows default values do not appear to have been updated from the Slic3r era... )

I suspect the original issue was too many XY Collisions causing the printer to wait for user input, maybe the extruder had cooled below 170C before the user continued with the print, and low temperature extrusion settings kicked in preventing  further extrusion. 

regards Joan

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Posted : 24/05/2022 1:18 am