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FW 3.12.1 and Skelestruder  

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FW 3.12.1 and Skelestruder

Hi all,

So I'll start this off by self-reporting myself as a knucklehead.  About three years ago-ish I upgraded my MK3S with a full bear frame and Skelestruder.  Have been super happy with both.  I haven't printed anything in about six months though, and in a fit of Winter Upgrading I decided to update the firmware from (I think) about 3.8 to the latest as of yesterday, 3.12.1.

Just as the FW flash was wrapping up it occurred to me that as part of Skelestruder install I had to make some tweaks to the firmware.  I did keep my notes from then and the creator's site is still up even if I hadn't kept them.  Problem is that the latest notes available from the creator are for FW 3.9.1.

I'd sure appreciate any guidance that anyone could provide on 1) is it safe for me to implement the changes by hand from the creator's original notes, as in it wouldn't irreparably break anything or 2) if there's a patch file floating around somewhere?  Or am I better off just downgrading the firmware to 3.9.1 (his latest patch notes align to this).

I upgraded my PC last month too... full new hardware and software install.   And I didn't save my prusaslicer settings that had been tweaked and were perfect.  So lost all my settings.  🙁

Thanks in advance!

Posted : 27/01/2023 3:58 am