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Firmware 3.12.1 and REVO6  

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Firmware 3.12.1 and REVO6

I have a REVO6 hotend and just upgraded to 3.12.1 firmware. Now this new function (Temp Model Calibration) will not allow my printer to run because it can't calibrate. I keep getting a Thermal Anomaly error. I found info saying that TM Cal has to be turned off with the REVO6 and found the commands to do so, however I can't find a way to send these firmware updates. I am not running Octoprint or anything like that. I downloaded Cura cause I know it has an area to push firmware logic, however Cura is not recognizing the USB cable and I keep getting the message in the attached picture. What are my options? TIA.

Posted : 27/01/2023 8:28 pm
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RE: Firmware 3.12.1 and REVO6

You can use Pronterface that comes with the Prusa driver install to send commands to the printer.

Posted : 27/01/2023 8:51 pm
The Flying Buffalo
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RE: Firmware 3.12.1 and REVO6

ProtonInterface is not supported on later versions of Mac OS and M1 chip

Posted : 02/02/2023 12:06 am
Thomas M
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RE: Firmware 3.12.1 and REVO6

You can download a version compatible with MacOS here:


Posted : 06/02/2023 8:51 pm