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filament not coming out the hot-end  

aviad turm
filament not coming out the hot-end

It started with clogs and lumps in the filament flow. now no filament is coming out of the hot end

I completely disassembled the extruder/hot-end assembly. I cleaned everything, applied new thermal paste in the needed areas, and even changed the PTFE tube (made sure the tube was all the way in). I replaced the nozzle with a new one. The extruder moves the filament right, and I even tried to overpass the extruder by disassembling it and pushing the filament manually - and got the same result.

The hot end is indeed hot - felt it with my hand, and the thermostat says so. I even rubbed some filament on the outside of the nozzle and it indeed melted.

Any thoughts on what to try next? What could create the problem?

Posted : 19/11/2023 11:57 am