Extrusion motor replacement - BondTech minimum torque for "high flow".
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Extrusion motor replacement - BondTech minimum torque for "high flow".  

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Extrusion motor replacement - BondTech minimum torque for "high flow".

Good morning everyone,

I've recently upgraded a stock Prusa MK3s to a E3D volcano extruder (and associated 3D printed parts to fit everything).

I'm using a 0.6mm CHT Volcano nozzle, usually I print fast around 150-180% speed from layer 2 for thickness 0.15 to 0.3mm.

Worst case scenario for flow is 0.6mm nozzle for 0.3mm layers at 200% speed (from stock Slic3r print profiles).

I would like to improve vibrations/noise and print quality and keeping the speed, it seems that reducing the extruder total weight a possible solution, I was looking to switch the stock Prusa Nema17 for a Bondtech Pancake 1.8° going from 310gr to 180gr.

It seems that it's a plug and play solution looking at different forums, but in the case of "high flow" I'm experiencing, is the torque producing by the Bondtech enough ? (18N.cm rated on the datasheet)

On this subject, I've found numerous claims and minimal values (around 35N.cm) but the fact that the motor is working as is for a lot of people are in contradiction.

Does anyone use a pancake stepper in order to reduce weight without problem for high flow ?

(If the subject is already answered, I'll be happy to have a link. I've searched but got no clear anwser)

Thanks to anyone able to help, have a nice day.

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Posted : 06/02/2023 10:47 am