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Extruder struttering at normal speeds  

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Extruder struttering at normal speeds

Hello everyone,

I am troubleshooting a used MK3S+(~1 year with limited use). The extruder is audibly clicking and grinding on the filament, the extrusion is uneven:

The issue is:

  • occuring while loading the filmant, so Im confident that it isnt a issue with the slicer
  • occuring reagrdless of how much the second extruder gear door is tightend
  • not noticeable when the extruder is moving slow(e.g. the turning it with the Settings>Turn Axis-Menu of the printer)

Hotend temp is 215°C. Pushing the filament through the hotend by hand works fine.

Things I tried to solve the issue:

  • tightening the little screw on the main extruder gear. This lessend the issue considerably, but I cant tighten the gear any further:(
  • cleaning the the gears
  • adjusting the tension on the extruder door
  • diffrent filaments(even the included one/all PLA)
  • cleaning the hotend
  • the "Extruder noisese" Article

Please let me now if additional info is needed.

Thanks in advance for any help


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RE: Extruder struttering at normal speeds

Have you checked that the Bondtech idler gear bearing spindle is supported at both ends? It's a bit short, and one end can slip out of it's support.

regards Joan

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RE: Extruder struttering at normal speeds

Clicking extruder for me has always been a clogged nozzle.  It often starts clicking randomly during a print...then stops.  I can often manually push filament through at the start of this.  Next print, it starts again, eventually clogs.
New nozzle has always fixed it for me.  I say new since I use Nozzle X which, A) should not clog, but...B) when it does, cold pulls, needle poking is not recommended as it will wreck the coating/treatment on the nozzle and it will certainly clog easier again.  A bit of a catch 22 for sure.

If you are using a plain old brass nozzle try the cold pull method here Mk3 Cold Pull.

Hope that helps!

Veröffentlicht : 27/06/2022 10:57 pm
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Themenstarter answered:
RE: Extruder struttering at normal speeds

Thank you for you feedback. 

I did check the spindle alignment, its supported on both sides. 

I also did a cold pull, the result seems clear. 

Unfortunately both doesn't solve the problem, it seems to be something else. I will upload a video of the behavior when I am back at home. 

Veröffentlicht : 28/06/2022 12:49 pm